A red sun at night, sailor’s delight.

A red sun is typically thought to predict the weather patterns for sailors. “A red sun in the morning, sailor’s warning. A red sun at night, sailor’s delight.”.  I guess now is the time to go sailing! Continue reading “A red sun at night, sailor’s delight.”


Star Trails for Real Estate Photography

Earlier this year I suggested to one of my clients that we try taking some night time, star trails photos of the house she was listing.  It’s not for every home, but the craftsmanship of this one and timing of a clear night sky was perfect.  I think it came out pretty good and I’m looking forward to taking more like it.

1840 McKittrick St Wenatchee-41

I’ve been told by the MLS not to take ‘artsy’ or stylized photos for real estate photography.  I believe this does a good job of showcasing the home and capturing the surrounding beauty, but also sneaking in just a bit of artsy-ness.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  This image is made up of about 50 separate photos.  SSSHH… don’t tell anyone though.

Better Photos During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. Friends and families will be gathering, kids playing, and grandpa will be asleep in his favorite armchair. These are the moments and people that you want to remember forever. It seems everyone has a camera on them at all times to capture these moments, but you want your photos to stand out. Take photos worthy of social media (or better yet, an actual photo album) with these easy tips.

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Looney 11

This tip comes a little late for the recent Supermoon, but save it for the next full moon.  It was cloudy where I live so my night photography workshop was canceled, plus it started to rain later in the evening.  I’ll admit, I was a little bummed.  Then this morning I woke up and saw bright light spilling onto my bathroom floor. The moon was out!  I started the coffee, grabbed my gear, and went into back yard.  Just as I opened the blinds I saw a shooting star jet across the sky next to the full moon and a flock of doves took to flight (Okay the doves may not have happened, but the shooting star really did!).  It was meant to be.

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