March Photo Challenge: Umbrellas

March is National Umbrella Month so I thought it fitting for that to be the theme of this month’s photo challenge!

The average rainfall for Seattle in March is 3.51 inches.  The highest average is November with 5.84 inches, while the least is .79 inches in July. If you’re in western WA, there is a good chance for rain.  No matter where you’re at, let’s pray for refreshing rain, and when it does remember to bust out the bumbershoot and capture some fun and creative photos.  Share those photos with me and I will showcase them at the end of the month.  It can be fun to plan a shot or just capture it in the spur of the moment.  It doesn’t have to have been taken this month, so look through your archives. Use your DSLR or iPhone, I don’t care, just send me cool umbrella pics!



Get creative.  Think about reflections in a puddle or how light is hitting the top of the umbrella.  Look for splashes of color.  Try to capture the motion of spinning umbrella, or rain drops falling.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Post to my Facebook page or email me your submissions, and I will share them all at the end of the month.



Go ahead a jump in a puddle or two while you’re at it.

Pubble Jump


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