Shutter Speed For Dummies

I was taking pictures of some dummies yesterday and it was the perfect time to use Shutter Priority on my camera.  Some of these dummies were moving really fast so I needed to use a fast shutter speed.  It was Mission Ridge’s Dummy Downhill!

Its easy to Get Off Auto .

  1. Turn on camera.
  2. Set dial to shutter priority. Tv for Canon, S for Nikon.
  3. Adjust your shutter speed. I used 1/1000th of a second.
  4. Take pictures of dummies.

Here are the results:

Check out my full gallery of the Dummy Downhill.

#GetOffAuto and try using shutter priority to stop motion or show motion!



2 thoughts on “Shutter Speed For Dummies

  1. I usually set mine on AV (Canon for Aperture priority). It’s easy enough in most situations to dial that around to achieve the shutter speed you need.

    For sports, I always try to have a shutter speed less than 2 seconds…;-)


    1. Joshuography

      The majority of time I find myself using Av. I like to challenge myself once in a awhile and will spend a day shooting only in Tv. I like photos that can show motion.


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