April Photo Challenge: Birds

April 8th is Draw A Bird Day.  But I can’t draw, so let’s take pictures of birds instead.  April’s photo challenge is Birds! Use hashtag #GetOffAutoBirds and I will share your photos at the end of the month.

Draw a Bird Day has a nice story behind it. Supposedly in 1943 a UK girl named Dorie visited her uncle in the hospital, wounded in WWII.  She asked if he would draw her a picture, so he drew a robin that he saw out the window.  Dorie said that he was a terrible artist but decided to hang his picture anyways.  Every time Dorie visited the wounded soldiers would have a drawing contest to see who could draw the best bird.  Dorie later was killed in a car accident and her coffin was filled with the bird drawings by soldiers and hospital staff.  Ever since then, Dorie is remembered on her birthday, April 8th.

I’m not very good at drawing.  For those of you who are, check out the official DAB site: http://www.dabday.com/  I might be able to pull off a drawing of Tweety Bird but I
wouldn’t want to desecrate the cute cartoon character. tweety-bird-tweety-bird-3547297-384-649

I’d rather take photos of birds.  Stick to what you’re good at, I always say.  So my theme for April’s photo challenge is birds!  If you can get a picture of a Bald Eagle, great!  If not, don’t forget about the less majestic birds like ducks, crows, and Canadian Geese that might be a little easier to find.  Want to really challenge yourself?  Try capturing a bird in flight.  Use a fast shutter speed like 1/2000th of a second to freeze the image, or a slower speed like 1/60th of a second to show it in motion.

Tag your photos with #GetOffAutoBirds and I will share your photos at the end of the month!


I look forward to seeing your photos!

Remember to Get Off Auto.



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